We know that in order for our work to be successful, there has to be a change in people´s attitude, perception and behavior towards their animals and the environment as a whole. We work closely with the local community and other local organizations as we believe that only through a collaborative approach can we make a real difference. We focus on preventive education programs and direct support to local schools and communities. Our students and volunteers assist in caring for dogs and cats, participate in all of the surgical procedures and are involved in all aspects of veterinary care. In Zanzibar, special days will be dedicated to our marine biology conservation program, and in Kenya special days will be dedicated to our conservation program accompanied by game drives.


Zanzibar is situated 15 miles off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean. It has a vibrant culture, wonderful cuisine, and pristine beaches. Zanzibar's beaches provide a surreal location to escape from the world with turquoise blue waters and shallow sandbars to wade in.


Nungwi is a beautiful fisherman village on the northern tip of Zanzibar. Our clinic in Nungwi offers veterinary care to the village and nearby communities. We also provide veterinary care to the sea turtles as part of our conservation efforts to preserve our marine environment for the next generations.



Rift Valley Wildlife Clinics assist in the rehabilitation of injured sea turtles and help return them to their natural habitat by providing much needed veterinary care. We also offer and support local education programs. Our students and volunteers assist in caring for dogs and cats, participate in the surgeries and are involved in all aspects of the sea turtles’ care. Special days will be designated to our marine biology and conservation program. Scuba diving is strongly encouraged! About the place.


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Rift Valley Wildlife Clinics

Rift Valley Wildlife Clinics is a federal 501(c)(3) not for profit organization dedicated to helping people, saving animals and protecting wildlife by providing education, conservation efforts and veterinary care.

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