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Rift Valley Wildlife Clinics is a federal 501(c)(3) not for profit organization dedicated to improving the welfare of domestic animals, wildlife, and the environment through veterinary care, education, and conservation efforts.  RVWC aspires to establish additional permanent veterinary clinics in rural areas in East and southern Africa that will provide veterinary care to domestic animals outside of the natural reserves.
Overpopulated feral dogs and cats have a tremendous impact on both wildlife and humans alike, through the spreading of rabies and canine distemper as well as other diseases, predation of small wildlife and birds within and around the national parks, and breeding between domestic cats and their wild counterpart species.

Our veterinary clinics work with locals to help improve the care provided to their local domestic animals and to establish disease prevention programs.


In addition to providing veterinary care to dogs and cats, RVWC clinics in Kenya offer free veterinary care to wild birds, turtles, and small wildlife.


We accept volunteers and encourage the participation of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and students in our programs. In addition to a fulfilling volunteer experience, we offer a great learning opportunity in veterinary medicine, ecology, and zoology. Game drives (wildlife safaris) where you can observe wildlife in their natural habitat are always included in our programs. In Zanzibar we offer students and volunteers programs in marine ecology that also include diving and/or snorkeling.




Our doctors and students visit the local community schools and exchange ideas on basic first aid and preventative care for animals with the communities. The experience gained is invaluable to both the communities and our volunteers.  RVWC is also able to offer welfare and conservation programs within local schools.  This is only possible with the continued support from our donors.

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