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We know that in order for our work to be successful, there has to be a change in people's attitude, perception and behavior towards their animals and the environment as a whole. We work closely with the local community and other local organizations as we believe that only through a collaborative approach can we make a real difference. We focus on preventive education programs and direct support to local schools and communities. Our students and volunteers assist in caring for dogs and cats, participate in all of the surgical procedures and are involved in all aspects of veterinary care.



The clinic offers urgent veterinary care to wildlife, and free veterinary care to the local Samburu community which includes vaccines, preventative care and sterilization campaigns. About the Place

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The Masai Mara is the most famous nature park in Kenya and a major attraction for tourists and naturalists alike. In the past decade the area surrounding the nature park has become heavily populated and the human-nature conflict is evident in every aspect of the region’s life. Our prevention and sterilization programs are needed more than ever. RVWC offers urgent care, vaccines and preventive care as well as sterilization campaigns. About the Place.


These amazing two lakes in the Rift Valley are the beautiful home for many bird species including large flocks of flamingos. In recent years there has been a sharp incline in predation of these birds by feral dogs that specialize in hunting flamingos in Lake Bogoria. RVWC offers urgent care, vaccines and preventive care as well as sterilization campaigns.

About the place.


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