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We offer veterinary clinical externships for veterinary, pre-veterinary, and veterinary technician students.


Participants assist in all aspects of veterinary care. Additional lectures in related aspects of veterinary medicine (wildlife triage, avian medicine, capture and immobilization, etc.) are given during the programs by RVWC veterinarians and other veterinary professionals and conservationists. These rotations will also include game drives in the nature park near the clinical campaign sites in Samburu, Mara, Lake Baringo, and Lake Bogoria in Kenya; Liwonde National Park and Kuti Nature Reserve in Malawi; and an introduction to the Marine Nature Reserve (which includes scuba diving and/or snorkeling), in Zanzibar.


Volunteers may rotate between Samburu and other nature parks in Kenya or other clinic locations, gaining field experience in a variety of areas of veterinary medicine and conservation. Participants visit a number of wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation projects. Our volunteers will assist and operate our rural spay and neuter clinics and will assist in all aspects of veterinary medicine, including preventive medicine. RVWC’s volunteers will also participate in community outreach programs. We will host school children or visit the schools and offer classes for the adults as well. In addition to veterinary related topics, such as disease prevention, rabies, animal welfare, etc., we will also focus on conservation efforts and strengthening the bond between the local community and their natural environment and wildlife.


During the clinical rotation we will offer veterinary care as needed to animals such as small and large bovines, donkeys, and/or wildlife.



Our volunteers assist in caring for dogs and cats, participate in all of the surgical procedures and are involved in all aspects of veterinary care. Our volunteers will rotate between the stationary ZAASO Clinic in the village of Dole, and/or the traveling clinic in the village of Nungwi. In addition to gaining clinical experience with small animals, we may be asked to treat other large animals, including the occasional equine, and wildlife.


In Nungwi our field clinic will provide veterinary care to sea turtles at the Sea Turtle Rescue Center and offer spay/neuter surgeries to the companion animals of the villagers. In Nungwi we will also dedicate time to learn and familiarize ourselves with the marine ecosystem. We will sail to the nearby reefs and dives and/or snorkeling will be offered.


Rift Valley Wildlife Clinics hosts domestic animal field clinics in several important conservation areas.  In addition to participation in routine clinical duties and primate health checks at the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust,  students are able to learn about conservation medicine and wildlife rehabilitation and release from the veterinary team at the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust.

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