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Take a veterinary or wildlife course! We offer clinical externships to veterinary and pre-veterinary students as well as to veterinary nurse/technician students.  In Kenya and Malawi, these rotations include game drives in national parks. In Zanzibar, these rotations include an introduction to the Marine Nature Reserve where scuba diving and/or snorkeling is available.


Rift Valley Wildlife Clinics depends on you! Come join us at our veterinary field clinics and help dogs, cats, primates, wild birds, sea turtles, and other wildlife. We cannot do it without you. 
Veterinarians and veterinary nurses/technicians and both veterinary and technician students are needed. 


Rift Valley Wildlife Clinics is expanding and will open additional clinics in East and southern Africa where we are helping rural communities near the parks, improving the lives of domestic animals and people, and reducing human-wildlife conflict. Please donate and help us achieve our goal of establishing permanent veterinary clinics in the communities in and around protected areas.



Rift Valley Wildlife Clinics is committed to helping people, saving animals, and protecting wildlife. Helping People: We provide educational programs for the community on disease prevention, animal welfare, and conservation.  Locals are directly involved in veterinary initiatives, helping make our mission theirs as well. Saving Animals: We provide veterinary care in rural Kenya, Tanzania, and Malawi. Our clinics focus both on caring for local companion animals (spay/neuter and vaccine campaigns) and on caring for livestock (anti-parasite treatment and husbandry improvement).  The ultimate goal is to establish permanent veterinary clinics in these areas.  Protecting Wildlife: We support wildlife conservation by reducing the impact of feral dogs and cats near nature reserves, by improving food security of the communities near nature reserves, and by reducing disease transmission between domestic animals and wildlife.  We also advise on veterinary care for special species, especially wild birds in Kenya and sea turtles in Zanzibar.

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